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AERIAL DRONES - Certified through the FAA we use drones for aerial photos and video.

Take to the skies! With Aerial Imaging, Saddle Up Productions enhances your marketing message with breathtaking 4K video footage and photography.


Trained and certified through Dart Drones and operating under the Federal Aviation Administration 107 certification #3929566, we fly the latest technology in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). We utilize professional level 4K cameras that deliver sharp, crisp, high resolution still photos and stunning aerial video of a quality level never before possible. The resulting still photos can be used as cover shots for brochures, in print advertising and social media. The edited video can be viewed at full screen resolution to deliver maximum visual impact all over the web.


Imagine your Virtual Tours enhanced by captivating aerial HD video footage, featuring gentle, drifting, cinematic movements over the home and grounds, from all angles and high overhead. Transform your Print Marketing with stunning aerial photography that showcases the full beauty of your listing, its setting and surroundings.

Triple B Ranch

Swan Ridge

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